Agar Crystal Boba

Hyun Joo Lee

Often times, customers approach our café having never tried boba, not to mention being ignorant to Agar!
Agar crystal boba is a kind of boba that has a different texture than the typical black boba: where black boba is soft and chewy, Agar more similarly resembles flavored jellies. Crystal boba has a translucent appearance, with the traditional tapioca pearl shape.
While crystal boba does differ from black boba in terms of appearance, there are also health benefits that come with ordering Agar in your drink! Agar (also known as Agar Agar orkanten) comes from a South Eastern seaweed and is used across recipes in the culinary world. This ingredient is generally used as a vegetarian gelatin substitute and as a thickener in fruit preserves. Agar “has no calories, no carbs, no sugar, no fat, and is loaded with fiber,” says an author over at Not Enough Cinnamon. Agar is also vegan, containing zero milk, starch, soy, egg, gluten, and preservatives. Compare this to traditional gelatin, made from animal sources rather than plants, and you have a yummy, beautiful ingredient that makes you and your favorite vegan happy! Agar travels through the body quickly and easily, being one of the best ingredients for water absorption and thus waste elimination.
Here at Mama Bear Café, we offer this wonderful ingredient in the form of boba, little tapioca bubbles that sit at the bottom of your favorite fruit-infused tea, milk tea, or smoothie. Come customize your healthy (but still delicious!) drink with us soon.

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